Friday, August 9, 2013

Fun this summer! Lots of Pics!

This what we have been up to: 

During high school:

10 years later at our High School Reunion:

 4th of July Fun!  Our kids first time to see fireworks!  We had so much fun and I love when we all match.  Leah was tired by the end, as you can tell in the last photo. :)

Lindsey's baby shower!  She has been my best friend for my entire life.  Love her and was honored to throw this shower for her.  Cant wait to meet baby Brayden!

Us and our mommies.

 Us and our brothers! :)

Sweet Leahbug... she is fun, spunky, and beautiful. :)

We all had a great time spending time with Aaron's side of the family!
 They LOVE their Pop Pops!
 Pop Pops with his grand girls. :)

All my cousins, celebrating the life of my Grandpa Bill.  Love them and wish we all lived closer!

We celebrated 8 years of marriage, July 30th!  So FUN!  I love him more and more as every year passes.  I am blessed to have Aaron as my husband! :)

Fun with fine motor skill activities... they loved it.  Maybe it was the element of danger with the push pins. ;)

 Fun with Grams and Pawpaw.  They are so silly! :)

They love the library and play games on the computer for 30 minutes!  My little techies.

Hanging out with Charlie is a normal occurrence and we like to watch Curious George before bed.  They all piled in Charlie's bed.  Sweet friends!

We have had a wonderful summer!  Only a few weeks left and we are soaking it all up. :)

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