Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leah's 1 month and Halloween!

We have had a wonderful time being mommy and daddy to 2 kiddos! We are so blessed to have pretty easy going babies. :) Over the past few weeks, Andrew is really becoming a sweet sweet brother. When Leah is crying, he runs over to where she is and gives her anything he think will make her happy: paci, blanket, bow, ect. He is really doing a great job and we are proud how he is handling the change of sharing mommy and daddy. :) Leah is now 1 month old, yikes! It seems like yesterday I was feeling her in my belly. Every time I look at her I am reminded at God's grace which is such an amazing feeling. She will always remind me that God is COMPLETELY trustworthy. She went to the doctor and did great! She is 25% in weight (8.1 lbs), 50% in height (21 in), and she is barely on the chart for her head (I have a small head, so the doctor said not to worry (which I tend to do, but I am choosing to trust God instead) :) Hear are a few pictures of her. :)
Sweet smile!

Mommy and Me!

First bath! Blow it up is what Andrew says because she always has her hands in a fist. :)

Brother loves giving me kisses! :)

A few of our handsome baby boy! Love those blue eyes! :)

Andrew's 3rd Halloween and Leah's 1st! Andrew went as Buzz Lightyear and Leah wore an adorable Halloween tutu! :) We had a great time celebrating at our church carnival and trick or treating with Bowen's. Here are a few pics from all of our Halloween festivities.

Our pumpkins! aTm for Aaron and I, a butterfly for Leah, and super grover for Andrew! This is a tradition I want to do every year! :)

Best Buddies! Buzz and Woody! So cute! They had a great time trick or treating for the first time. Drew would not let me help him carry his bucket. I guess he knew there were yummy treats inside. :)

These are precious pictures because they are of Andrew and Aaron and then Leah and Aaron. I do believe they look alike! :) What an amazing daddy he is to our babies! They do not know how blessed they are. :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Boys Birthdays!!!

Time flies when you feel so blessed!!! My sweet baby boy is 2!!! He is growing and learning everyday. At his 2 year appointment, he was over 50% in weight and 40% in height. You would never know he was in the Nicu. :) A few things he loves to do these days are:

-play with his sesame street characters
-shoot and dunk the ball with daddy
-swing outside
-play on the playground (climbing and going down the slide)
-boss mommy and daddy around (saying, "come on daddy, come on mommy, sit down)
-read! read! read!

Some new things he likes to say:
-No! (to everything, no matter if it is something he wants to do)
-where did ___ go?
-he asks for friends to play (especially Charlie)
-hi sissy (in a high pitched voice)
-dont cry sissy, its ok sissy
-love you sissy :)
-watch football?

He definitely has an opinion about most things and is not afraid to express it. We want him to tell us what he wants and would rather this, then him be frustrated with not being able to. He still has a calm demeanor and has since the day he was born. He loves to be around people, but also likes to step back and observe everything going on around him. Andrew is absolutely a gift, who taught me to trust completely in our God's plan. Happy Birthday sweet boy!!! Your dad and I can't wait to walk through life with you!

Happy Birthday to my hubby too! I love you and am so thankful to have such a wonderful man to build a life with.

For their birthdays, we went to the Owens Farm Pumpkin Patch. We rode on the hayride, fed the goats, and picked out a pumpkins. It was great to be outside and enjoy our sweet family of 4! Here are some pictures from the day...

Here is a video of Aaron and Andrew feeding the goats. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to the World Leah Kathryn!

We are so excited and proud to announce our daughter, LEAH KATHRYN LOVELACE, who arrived on September 26th, 2011 at 12:45pm! She is healthy and doing great! We can not begin to express how thankful we are to be able to stay in the hospital for 3 days and leave with a sweet baby girl! The pregnancy was not easy, but God constantly reminded me to be thankful because he was protecting her. He gave me such comfort that goes beyond my own power! I just want to cry when thinking about how blessed we are. Here are a few pictures from the hospital and when we got home. :)

Last day to be pregnant! :)

Safe in daddy's arms. :)

Our family of 4!

Momma's girl :)

great grandparents!


Aaron took Drew to church on Sunday and purposefully dressed them alike. My boys make me so happy! Who wouldn't want to wake up to this? :)

Andrew is slowly warming up to Leah. He calls her sissy and baby. He doesnt quite understand the relationship, but knows there is a baby. He is very sweet at giving her blankets and pacifiers. The next picture shows him giving her diapers (after every one he put on her swing, he would say, shoo poops :) He also gave her the Count. You must understand, this is Andrew's favorite character, so it was a big deal. As time passes, I know he will grow to love and protect her. :)