Sunday, September 8, 2013

End of Summer Fun!

We took family pictures a few weeks ago.  We took them at JCP with a Groupon.  It was great and we were in and out really fast.  The kids took some really cute pics which is why we were there.  :)
Here are some of the pics...

Leah and Drew being cute as usual. :)

We went to Great Wolf Lodge with my parents Thursday through Sunday.  It was a blast!  They had a lot of stuff to do for the kids and Aaron and I got to go ride some rides by ourselves, as well as, watch Aggie Football!  It was so much fun to hang out with my parents and just relax.  

Leah went down on her belly every time.  They loved to slide.

Fun Times!
Leah loves her Grams. 

Arcade games, they didnt even need money to have fun.

 At Rainforest Cafe... Leah was keeping an eye on the gorillas, she wasnt too sure of them.  Also, we celebrated mom's birthday.  They sang and brought her that huge cake.  :)

Leah and Aaron and Rainforest... love them!

This is Leah trying to avoid bed time by cuddling with Grams.  Good try girlfriend. :)

Just silly and fun kids. :)

Leah took her shirt off at the doctors just like Andrew (she wasnt seeing the doc)


AGGIE GAME!  Aaron and I took a day trip down to Aggieland and we had an awesome time!  Thanks to my MIL, Prissy, for keeping the kids.  We loved reminiscing our college days when we were wild and free.  We love Aggie Football!  Gig Em' Ags!

 Johnny Football's first snap of the season!  Whoop!

The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band!

We love College Station! 

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