Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Fun!

May has been fun!  We have enjoyed some great family and friends time.  Our kids are wonderful and  are really a joy to watch grow.  Leah is talking so much and will begin potty training in a week.  Praying it goes well.  Andrew is becoming quite the little boy.  He is really understanding a lot more, well sort of.  :)  The other day, him and I were reading the Bible.  We were talking about how people get married.  He said, I will grow up and get a ring to get married.  Then, I asked him why the people (Adam and Eve) were sad.  (because they disobeyed and ate the fruit)  He told me because they got married.  :D  I laughed so hard.  He is such a sweet boy and we get told often how great his easy going spirit is.  I LOVE that about him!(and hid daddy)  

Here are a few pics of playing at Klyde Warren Park with friends...       

Fun with my kiddos!

Registering for baby Brayden. :)

Swimming with Pawpaw and Grams.  They LOVE to swim!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pictures galore...

 Ihop, yummy!

Flying a kite for the first time. :)

First swim of the season. :)

Jumping together.

Playing together.  Doctor.

Having a picnic together.

Where is Leah?

There she is. :)

Leah loves her Pawpaw!

Teething is no fun, but at least she is happy.  12am

 Eating outside in our Pjs.

Cutie in the cart. 

Humpy Dumpy had a great fall.

 Humpdy Dumpy back together again.

Cousin Chase playing and singing for them.

Uncle Butch, JP, and Aaron

Hanging with family.
 Jp, Ari, and Jackson

We love Pop Pops.

 Going to the park with Lovey and Pop Pops...

 The boys playing basketball.

 Tino's, A Lovelace Tradition.

Ipad boy and strawberry girl.

 Dont get my cracker!
 She got my cracker!


 The faces of Leah in daddy's boots. :)