Thursday, April 15, 2010


Since the day you were born...

we were so happy you were ours. Now, Andrew, you are 6 months old and we have enjoyed watching you grow and develop your sweet personality. You are so happy and show us God's love all the time. Since last month, you have learned to roll and get to something you want, play with all your toys, and really love to laugh with your daddy. You are the most precious gift we could ever receive. Your daddy and I could not have imagined how much pure joy you bring us!

Looking at the grass and feeling it for the first time... I am sure he is thinking... this is very interesting, I wish I could put it into my mouth. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Andrew's First Easter!

Thank you Jesus for promising to take me to paradise if I just believe in You. This concept I dont think I will ever fully grasp, but I do know that entrusting my life to you has given me security and confidence. I pray that my son will come to know and believe in you and fully understand the meaning of your birth, death, and resurrection.

Here is handsome Andrew in his first Easter outfit. :) Super sweet!

Here is another picture that I love! Aaron loves to make Drew laugh and Drew is totally in love with his daddy! :)