Thursday, December 16, 2010

14 months!

Well our little man is walking and has been for about a month. He definitely has the bumps and bruises to prove it. It is so fun to see him discovering all the new things he can with walking. He loves his swing and slide. He can climb into the little house all by himself! He has become quite opinionated about what he wants to do and have. He still drinks a bottle in the morning and night and is demanding in getting it. One thing he loves is books! He will find a book, hold it up and crawl in your lap. He insists on turn the pages and reading it at least 2 times. :) Mommy loves this! He is saying many new words: duck, whoa, tree, and hat. He loves to point to our Christmas tree and say tree. He is growing, changing, and learning SO MUCH!

Your daddy and I love you so much and feel like we were blessed with the best gift from our Sweet Heavenly Father. We love watching you grow and change and learn new things. We cant wait to see what God has in store for your life. We pray that the Lord uses you for his purpose and fills your life with peace and happiness.
We love you!

Here are a few pictures we have taken over the last 4-6 weeks.

Not so happy Andrew. lol. :)

Hello? Are you there?

Lola, I will share everything with you...

I love the basket game! My mommy and daddy push me back and forth in the laundry basket. :)

What? What did I do? :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Card. :)

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

13 months!

It is so hard to even type 13 months! Yikes! Our sweet sweet baby boy is talking up a storm! He says dog, ball, mama, dada, baba, uh oh, no, boom (Aaron taught him that one)and just gibberish. He also knows where his head, ears, belly, and tongue are, as well as giving hi fives. He is really close to walking and it is hilarious to watch him with the walker that he rolls around the house. :) He is really coming out of his shell by interacting so much more and having an opinion about what he does. He is understanding that he can affect the world around him and get what he wants. He even knows how to let the dogs out of their crate, which he finds really fun. Here are a couple of videos. One is of Aaron and Drew enjoying each others company and the other is Drew talking. So thankful to my God for giving me more than any girl could dream of and that is a wonderful husband and a happy sweet baby boy.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


This is officially Drew's 2nd Halloween, but last year he was only a few days out of the Nicu. This year we had a lot of fun dressing him up and showing him off. He is too cute! We also continued the pumpkin carving that Aaron and I have done since we have been married (last year we had someone more important to tend to) :) Here are a few pictures of our pumpkins and us as the Incredibles. Isnt Drew absolutely adorable as Jack Jack?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Andrew's 1!

Just a year ago we were praying for your safe release from the Nicu. You fought so hard and we have been blessed beyond belief by your sweet life. In the past year, you have grown and learned so much! It has been pure joy seeing you meet every milestone with ease and build sweet relationships with me and your daddy. We love you so much and can not believe you will be walking soon, you are saying words, and figuring out toys all by yourself. We want to thank and give praise to our amazing God for staying with us through all of the trials and drawing us closer to Him. Now, we can look back and can see that the beginning of your life is only a small part of the amazing life to come. We love you and will pray for you always. The joy you have brought us is unsurpassed by anything else in our lives!
-Love, Daddy and Mommy

Here are some pictures and fun events we have had in the past month or so. :)

My boys on their actual birthday!

Andrew's first birthday!

Boating on Pawpaw's new toy! I even got in the water!

Listen to me say some words! I am all BOY!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 and 11 months!

I CANNOT BELIEVE MONTHS 10 AND 11 HAVE FLOWN BY! Andrew, we are so blessed to have such a happy baby boy in our lives. We cherish the time we spend with you daily. Every day we become more and more attached to you and see what a miracle you are to be here on this earth and to be doing so well. Some of the things you are doing is: crawling like a mad man, pulling up on everything, walking along the couch and table, pulling yourself up on the futon and then standing up (you do this super fast too), saying ball, baba(bottle), and bog(dog). Some of the things you enjoy to do are: watching and petting the dogs while their outside or in their crate, throwing the ball and then crawling to get it, talking, clapping, slicking your tongue out (when we say, "wheres your tongue), and you love to get and give kisses. We love you sweet boy and cant imagine our lives without you. We pray that you come to know the Lord and lean on Him throughout your life.

Love, Mom and Dad

Now, onto things we have been doing in the past few months....

Having our picture taken (thanks Ashlee Dawn Photography!)

Drew got really cute A&M shoes from Pops and loves wearing maroon! The shoes say A&M on top and have a bugle imprinted on the bottom. He wore them and loved them. Thanks Pops!

A few things we all enjoy doing throughout the day...

-Hanging out in our PJs, loving on each other

-Playing silly games

And for the one Andrew will hate me for, he likes to watch the dogs play...naked... and then pee on the floor and couch (he was not diapered b/c he had a horrible diaper rash from having a virus. But, it led to a great picture. hehe. (Please excuse the dirty glass door, not worth cleaning b/c the dogs jump on it as soon as it is)

This is Drew being entertained by the dogs!! Too funny.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Andrew or Jack Jack?

Well, after a long time of not blogging, I am finally getting around to doing it. I will blog about Drew's 10th and 11th months, but this is just a quick blog about something we find hilarious. A long time ago, when Drew was about 4 or 5 months, Aaron mentioned that he thought Drew looked like the baby Jack Jack off the movie, The Incredibles. We laughed and then compared pictures of Drew and Jack Jack. It really is true... big blue eyes, hair growing mostly on top, little pokey ears, little nose, and a big sweet smile. I was going to blog about it a long time ago, but got busy and forgot, but tonight was reminded by one of my first graders. My school had a PTA meeting and all of the teachers had to go, plus my students were performing. I took Drew with me because Aaron had school. We were all back stage and one of my students looked at me, pointed at Drew, and said, "He looks like the baby off the Incredibles movie, Jack Jack. I then laughed and here I am writing this blog. Look for yourself, what do you think? Needless to say, I think Jack Jack is the cutest baby in any movie I have seen. ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

9 months old!!!

Andrew Asa Lovelace,
You are absolutely the sweetest baby! You have enriched our lives, as well as, your grandparents, and friends. Every person you see, you make smile. You have learned so much in the past month! You are pushing yourself to seated, crawling, and pulling up on whatever you can grab (which has led to many falls). Your daddy and I never knew you would bring such fun and happiness into our lives. We cant quite figure out whos personality you have because there are moments that you are very excitable and talkative (like Mommy) and others where you are a quiet observer (like Daddy). Either way, we love you and are so excited to see everything the Lord has in store for you.

The first one is Drew pull up. :)

The second is Aaron catching Drew finding and playing with an electrical cord. (He loves those things) Doesnt he look like he is knows he shouldnt be?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Drew is on the move...crawling!!!

We are so excited (and nervous) that Drew is crawling!!! He was always getting what he wanted by rolling, but I guess it wasnt enough to catch the dogs. He started sitting himself up a while ago, but when he really got interested in the dogs, he started rocking on his hands and knees. It is really neat to see them grow and change. I feel like it was yesterday we were bringing Drew home and now he is almost 9 months and crawling. Where has the time gone? I love my little family and thank God for a healthy sweet baby boy! Plus, Drew is very blessed to have a daddy that loves and plays with him so much!

Check out the video of Drew crawling. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great Pictures!

I saw this photographer on facebook and loved how her pictures captured real life. Check her out! I hope we can capture our family with her too!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Born in the USA!

We are so blessed to live a nation that is free! I am so thankful for the men and women who fought and are fighting for it, including my dad (Vietnam, 3 bronze stars, oh yeah!) father and law (retired) and both my grandpas in WWII. Lord I am also reminded of the freedom we have to choose You and am so thankful for Your eternal gift of life!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, the days are over that we can just leave Drew in a room to just go grab something. But, it is so fun to see him learning new things and being so proud of himself. Recently he has learned to sit up from laying on his belly, and pull with his arms to get on his knees. He goes wherever he wants to, by rolling, army crawl, or pushing himself up to sitting. Everytime he sits up, he has to look at each person in the room, just to make sure they saw it and are happy about it too. :) Here is a video of him waking up from his morning nap and then pushing himself up to sitting. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Daddy Rocks!

Happy 1st Father's Day Daddy! We love you and could not ask for a better husband or daddy! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8 months old!

Andrew Asa, you are 8 months old and doing great! We are so happy watching you grow and develop and you have really grown. In the Nicu, your Grams and Pawpaw gave you a bear and this is what you looked like with it then...

and now...

You are learning so many new things and becoming very aware of everything and everyone. Just today, I was giving you a bath and you dropped your rubber duckies on the outside of the tub, then you knew they were there, leaned over, looked at them, grabbed onto the side and held yourself up to reach them. You grabbed one and felt so proud of yourself. I was amazed and are every time you learn or show us something new. Your daddy and I are so proud to be your parents and hope that, with God's help, we will show you His everlasting love. You are the sweetest baby and definately have your daddy's temperament, calm, cool, and collected. :)
Here is a pic of you pulling yourself up in the bath (dad sort of got it)...

Here are some sweet pics of you swimming the other day for the first time with your friend Charlie. You loved the water and had a great time putting your head into it. Your daddy and I love you so much and are greatful to God that he would give us such a precious gift!
Checking it out...

I like it...

Sticking his head in the water, trying to get a drink...

Sweet Boy...

Kickin' in the floaty...

Oh no, we have to leave?...