Sunday, September 18, 2011

23 months and 38 weeks prego!

Wow! I can not believe how much God has blessed us! I am so excited to meet little Leah next Monday (if she doesnt arrived sooner) I just feel so thankful that God has kept her in and safe for 38 precious weeks! I may be huge and extremely uncomfortable, but that is nothing compared to how my heart felt when Drew was in the Nicu. Not to say that we will not have things happen along the way, but now I trust God with my whole heart and know, no matter what, He is faithful! What a gift to feel so free, which I have had the joy of feeling during this pregnancy! :) Here I am at 38 weeks and yes, people stare... I know they are thinking they should get me a chair or something.

Also, yesterday was my last day at work and these were a few comments the kids said:

-your belly is getting really big
-are they going to cut your stomach open? (i told him no, didnt feel that would have been appropriate)
-good luck!
-when will you be skinny again? (i said after Christmas, fingers crossed :)
-a baby is a big responsibility, but i think you can do it
-i love you , Mrs. Lovelace (happy heart)

Ah, the sweet and innocent children I love teaching! By the way, I teach with some amazing women and am so thankful!

Ok, now Drewber time! He is so much fun and is definitely forming his own opinion about everything! He wants to decide when, where, and how he does he likes to tell us, come on mommy and daddy, up! (grabbing our hand), No mommy, no daddy. We are obviously trying to change these little 2 year oldish habits into asking instead of telling mommy and daddy what to do. :) He will get there, just takes time. :) He is so smart and his vocabulary is huge! He talks in sentences at times and can recite many songs. He has given us so much joy and we are bursting with pride at how sweet and smart he is. We are thankful to God for allowing us to have Andrew! Aaron and I were looking through old pictures of Andrew on our phone and I wanted to post the best ones... so here they are. Isnt he adorable? I cant help but smile at each one. :)

2 weekends ago we all sported out Aggie gear to community group! Gig Em Aggies! :) Soon Leah will have hers on too! :)

Last years...

This years...

And last, but not least, a picture of Drew sitting on the window sill, behind the curtain, reading! This is every 1st grade teachers dream. :) I love that he loves books! :)