Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fun in November :)

Drew and Leah playing on my playground at my parents house that I use to play on.  Fun fun!

 Drew adores his Grams!

Kisses and love from her first love, Daddy!

Brushing Pawpaw's "hair"
 Sticker fun!
 They are definitely brother and sister. :)

 Fun at the park!

A&M vs. LSU- Baton Rouge, LA
We had fun hanging out with my cousin Jerod, but the game was a different story...

 Dancing with Jerod.  Ha ha!

 Grooving on stage with a couple Aggie fans. :)
Before the game.  We met up with Gabe Bock, our friend from CS.

This girl LOVES her baby!

 Pat pat
 Feeding her.

 Well Visits for these adorable kids!  75% for Drew and 65% for Leah in height.  50% for weight for both.
Praising the Lord for my healthy sweet kids!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Happenings!

We were so happy to welcome Lovey and Pop Pops home from England.

Ouch!  Goose egg. :( 

 Feeding the ducks.

Practicing sorting and fine motor skills.

Leah asks Bubba, "Can I sit on your lap"?

Fun at the Perot Museum and playing in the rain.

 Love them!
 All the kids!

Happy Birthday to the most awesome guys I know!  Happy 29th and 4th birthday Aaron and Andrew!

Playing nap time in the hallway. 

 Wrestling is a daily occurrence. :)

 Leah said that the book had her and daddy on it.  This is them reading the book and acting out each page.  This was a very sweet moment. :)

We send daddy off this way almost everyday. :)

Swinging good time!

 My girly girl!  Leah found my heals and walked around in them and then she lined up all of her babies. :)
Happy Halloween!

Our Cute Little Pumpkins!


Sulley and Mike Wazowski

Tricker Treating with Charlie and Dean. :)

 Leah decided that she wanted daddy to carry her and her bucket.  She was tired but not too tired to go to every house.