Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June craziness! :)


So this picture has a wonderful story behind it...
I hosted a fondue/movie girls night for a few of my friends who had read the book Safe Haven.  We had a great time hanging out and watching the movie.  Everyone left except Sara and my friend Dana.  I asked Sara if she was pregnant and she gave me this surprised look.  She couldnt hold back her expression of shock.  So, I said, I have a pregnancy test, want to take it?  I said please dont feel like you have to.  She said kinda.  So she took it and it was PINK!  Dana and I were the first to know she was pregnant, not even her husband knew.  Sara and I went to find something fun to surprise her husband.  The owl picture frame below is what we found.  It had her first 2 daughters names in the first the owl bellies and then a question mark in the 3rd.  

Well, fast forward to a few weeks later.  I knew she had her doctors appointment and asked her how it went.  This is the picture she sent back:

WHAT!?!?  Twins, seriously!  That is why the line was so PINK!  2 babies.  It is such a fun memory that we will remember.  Praising God for these sweet blessings, cant wait to meet them!  Oh, and that frame we got wont work.  Im going to get them one with four. :)

Andrew on his first and last day of MDO! :)

Our friends had us come to their business for a farewell and it was a blast... 

Craft time!!!  We have lots of fun after nap time. :)


Going to the park and running errands with daddy!  He is really the best!

Silly, spunky, and fun Leahbug!
 Chocolate Kiss. :)

Such a wonderful brother, attentive and a leader.  I know he will make a wonderful husband some day.
 Hi Eliana.

Date Night

 Pie for Aaron for Father's Day!  Yummy!

Sweet Friends!

Pawpaw took us to the Dallas World Aquarium.  We had a wonderful time!

Drew Adores Him!

 Getting Bubba... fun in the pool!

We have been busy, but it really has been a great summer so far.  Praying it continues to go so well. :)

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