Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Fun!

May has been fun!  We have enjoyed some great family and friends time.  Our kids are wonderful and  are really a joy to watch grow.  Leah is talking so much and will begin potty training in a week.  Praying it goes well.  Andrew is becoming quite the little boy.  He is really understanding a lot more, well sort of.  :)  The other day, him and I were reading the Bible.  We were talking about how people get married.  He said, I will grow up and get a ring to get married.  Then, I asked him why the people (Adam and Eve) were sad.  (because they disobeyed and ate the fruit)  He told me because they got married.  :D  I laughed so hard.  He is such a sweet boy and we get told often how great his easy going spirit is.  I LOVE that about him!(and hid daddy)  

Here are a few pics of playing at Klyde Warren Park with friends...       

Fun with my kiddos!

Registering for baby Brayden. :)

Swimming with Pawpaw and Grams.  They LOVE to swim!!!

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