Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Time- 10 months and 2+

The month of July has been busy, busy, busy, and not so busy.  What I mean is, we have gone and participated in a few things this summer, but mostly enjoyed hanging out at home and playing.  On one hand, our lives are super busy with a 2 year old and 9 month old, but we haven't been adding a whole lot of extras lately.  Part of the reason is the BAR... dun, dun, dun.  Aaron has been working hard at studying for weeks and the last couple weeks has studied around the clock.  Literally.  We all are ready for the Bar to be over and just get into a routine again.  Having him gone is a bummer, but we know it is only for a short time.  I mean, we made through law school having two babies, so we can definitely make it through the Bar.  Hopefully once it is over this week, we can enjoy some much needed family time!  I just want to say I am so proud of Aaron and how hard he is working! Love you honey!

Well this little guy is just like daddy.  We will see, but in most situations, they respond or react in the same way.  For example, we were sitting and having breakfast and both of them were looking out the window, just staring.  I just love observing them together.  They also, stop and look at the same TV commercials.  Weird, but too cute!  Andrew and I have been playing school while sissy takes her morning nap.  This is so much fun for both of us.  During the school year, we read to him a lot, but I didn't have a chance to actually teach him.  I am so happy to say that he knows most of his letters and sounds.  He still struggles with x, k, r, v, and h.  This really makes him proud of himself when I get excited about him "reading". I am hoping to teach him to read by the time he is 4.  Trust me, he is totally his daddy in memorizing things.  Simply amazing how he just remembers.  Andrew is quite the helper which is great, but he can sometimes be Mr. Bossy Pants.  I want to help him utilize this trait in a positive way and not in a way that would annoy his friends or teachers.  I have been in the position of having a student tell me what to do which is almost always taken in a negative way.  I hope Drew will develop more boundaries as he grows and that we will do that without stifling him.  Of course, Aaron and I just want what is best for him.

One of the things that Drew did was take swimming lessons for 2 weeks!  The first 2 days he was skeptical, which is normal for him, but then did great!  I can tell it has made him so much more confident in the water with us.  He jumps in, puts his face in the water and "swims" with his super man arms and kicking.  Here is a video of him during one of the lessons. :)  Thanks Grams and Pawpaw for sending him, he had a blast and still talks about his time there!

Also, our boy loves to sing!  Here he is singing with his fabulous 2 year old attention span. :)

Playing with markers, he loves watching this video of himself. :)

Leah Kathryn is a go getter! We always joke that Andrew is a mini Aaron and Leah is a mini me.  Leah started crawling one day before she turned 9 months old.  Now, she is into everything, including what her brother has.  She will crawl right to him and snatch the toy he has right out of his hand.  Andrew does NOT like it.  But, it is teaching Leah what the word no means and Andrew how to stick up for himself.  It is good for both of them, but can defiantly be trying at times.  Most of the time, I let them sort it out and step in if necessary.  Just from observing children during my career and my own kids, they really work it out on their own most of the time.  One thing that differs from Andrew is she cries and becomes really upset when you tell her no.  She gets her feelings hurt more so than Drew.  Maybe it is because she is an emotional girl. :)  Leah has also been pulling up for a little over a week.  She enjoys pulling up and seeing what she couldn't before.  She is steady just standing there, but still really wobbly when we help her take steps.  I wouldn't be surprised if it took her til a year to walk.  I am in no hurry. :)  She really is a sweet girl that loves to be held and talked to.  She will talk right back and smile so big.  She is a people watcher and will especially engage anyone while at the grocery store.  Her bright smile lights up her whole face and makes everyone around her smile back.  We love our spunky little girl.

First day crawling...

Here is Leah growling.  She has always grunted and growled, but I finally got it on video.  Very ladylike. :)

Crawling girl!

For the 4th of July, we just dressed up and stayed home.  We know taking our two little ones out for fireworks late is not fun for any of us.  So, we just watched them on TV and relaxed as a family. :)
Aaron and I took the kids to the Dallas Children's Aquarium.  Andrew loved it!  It was an affordable family outing.

Andrew checking out the sharks.

We went to the zoo with Pawpaw and here are the fun photos...

Hanging out at home, enjoying each other.  Daddy and daughter, she loves her daddy!

Our blue-eyed girl...

 Our sweet boy...                                                         Buddies...

                                                    Pulling up...
 My favorite boy...
 My favorite girl...
 Love his big blue eyes, one day a girl is going to fall in love with those. :)


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