Monday, August 27, 2012


I just want to begin my post by recognizing everything the Lord has blessed us with.  Sometimes I just to write them all down, so here goes.
1. Aaron's job
2. The answered prayer that I have prayed for years: to be able to stay home and be with our babies
3. Parents that love our kids and make every effort to spend time with them.
4. Friends who love us for who we are, crazy and all sometimes. ;)
5. Healthy children (I just can't look at my kids and not recognize the Lord's grace)
6. The promise of hope, knowing that one day I will meet Jesus and He will have mercy on me.

Ok, I feel better... And happy after doing that.  We are so blessed and I never want to forget that.  I pray I continue to remember all the Lord had blessed me with, even when times get tough.

Onto our blessings:

Andrew Asa (aka Drewbers)
He is all boy and all two.  His favorite place to be is outside.  He loves playing/ trying to ride Lola, our dog.  He loves finding sticks and hitting things with them.  (we had to remind him that we don't hit people or animals, yes he is 2). He enjoys racing anyone, building "tall tall castles", and making a fort.  But, he is a cuddle bug.  He loves to give big bear hugs and kisses, which we absolutely adore!

Milestones: can count to 20, knows his shapes and colors, can recognize facial expressions, draw a circle, one to one correspondence counting up to five, going potty by himself (he hasn't had one accident in a week), put on his underwear and pants and sort objects according to their color or simple characteristic.

Leah Kathryn (aka Leah girl)
She is all girl and little sister.  Her favorite toys include anything that makes noise and has a face on it.  She loves to look and talk at any character or person she sees.  Recently, I have let her be outside and crawl around on our porch and she absolutely loves it.  She is mesmerized by everything that she sees outside.  As of right now, she will stay close to the same spot I put her in, but I don't think that will last long.  She has also taken a liking to everything Andrew has or is playing with.  She just likes to push his buttons and I can telling she already knows what they are.  They definitely embody the brother/ sister relationship: sweetness, wrapped in aggravation.

Milestones: eating solid foods like a champ, cruising, stooping down and standing back up(while holding onto something), climbing up stairs, and wiggles around to music or mimics us doing it.

Love our babies SO much...

This is normal life...don't we all feel this way at times?  :)

 Happy girl in the bath :)
 Happy times just hanging out...

 Eating brother's snack and feeling proud she stole it...
 Drew's favorite thing!
 Handsome :)

 Brother...What did you do?  Just smile and mom won't know. he he.
 Spinning with daddy...

First painted having a girl :)
 What mom?  You want me to smile?                           Ok, here you go.

 Happy shopping buddy.
 Drew loves crashing the ducks and counting them.  I love that he is practicing his one to one correspondence. (thats for all my teacher friends)

Hitting the tree and ground with a stick in his underwear... love having a boy. :)

 Sissy loving her paci and night-night.  This thing will be a ball of yard by the time she is done with it. :)  

Who is who?  They are definitely siblings.  Love them so much!
                       Andrew                                               Leah

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