Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy 7 months Drew!

Well, baby boy, you sure are wonderful! You really make us laugh more than we ever have. (Not to say that we didnt laugh before, but there is something about watching your own baby that makes the soul smile) Andrew, at seven months you are sitting up all by yourself and playing with your toys, you have no fear when it some to falling over. You will arch back and take a fall backward and reach as far as you can and fall forward. No matter what you are determined to get what you want. You are also getting much more vocal about what you are happy about and not so happy about. The only fruit you really love is pears, just like your daddy. You seem to like things that arent so sweet. You like veggies a lot more, some of your favs are: peas, squash, and sweet potato. You HATED mom's homemade baby food, so I guess the store brand will do just fine. One thing that we think is super cute is you grab your feet constantly and one thing you just did today was discover your wee wee. In the bathtub, you discovered it. Your daddy said you were thinking, " whoa, and I thought my feet were cool" Too funny. :) I thank the Lord for giving such a precious gift to us. I pray you come to know your Maker and have the confidence to live your life for Him. We LOVE you so much sugar (that is my nickname b/c he weighed as much as one bag of sugar)!

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