Saturday, June 5, 2010

Boot, Scoot, and Boogie!

Well our little guy is scooting and starting to push off with his legs! He gets frustrated when he cant get to what he wants (I dont know where he gets that from):) But, I know it will just get easier with practice. Before we know it, we will be chasing his all over. He is also drooling like crazy and wants everything to be in his mouth. So... maybe he is teething. I guess he'll get teeth eventually. :)

Here is video of him scooting! He loves cups, red or blue are his favorite!

Oh and we took Drew to "swim" for the first time with our sweet friends, The Bowens. Charlie and Andrew looked too cute in their swim trunks and hats. As soon as we set Drew in the water he started splashing, kicking, and playing. Drew loved it! He tried to drink the water, but dunked his head in the water shooting up. It was so much fun and we got great pics (well Trey did, thanks!), but left them, so I guess they will be on Drew's 8th month post. Yikes, did I just type 8? Wow, time is disappearing! I am so happy to soak up as much lovins as I can over the summer! It is going to be awesome!!!

Here are some really adorable pics of Drew in his dada's tie. :)

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