Sunday, May 9, 2010

God will hold me...

This Mothers Day was wonderful! I have such a sweet son that the Lord has given me and that is enough. I have to say, on this Mothers day the Lord continues to remind me that Andrew is NOT mine, he is HIS. Ever since Drew was born I have worried about this and about that and really it has stolen some of my joy of being a mother. The devil will take what he knows you are weak at and consistently try and put it in the forefront for you to focus on. Dont get me wrong, we had many things that were scary when Drew was born, but since being home from the NICU, he has done awesome. (He is now 25-50% in weight and 50-75% in height, he looks huge now, considering he weighed 5.3 and was 18 1/2 inches long) I often wonder why I worry, and I am sure this is a mom thing, but I am trying to really let it go. The Lord's will is done for Aaron, Drew, and my life, so why not just be happy. So, from now on, I will pray when the devil makes me worried and try my best to cherish every moment with Andrew. Lord I pray for all mommas out there that you take the fear and control that we have and show us the sheer joy our children can and do bring us. Thank you so much for Andrew and Aaron!!!

Here is a video that brings me a lot of joy just watching it! Drew loves people and laughs so hard sometimes. It is awesome to be a momma to such a happy baby. :)


  1. Well said! And I thank God that we have each other as friends to keep our fears in check!

    PS - That video is adorable!

  2. Melissa! Drew is so super cute! That laugh is adorable :)