Saturday, November 2, 2013

New York Trip!

Aaron and I went to New York from October 23rd-28th.  Our parents graciously took our kids which was great because we knew they were in good hands and being spoiled.  Here are pictures of what we did each day:

Plane Ride:
We woke up at 3:50am to catch our 6:30am flight.

Boat Cruise around the south side of Manhattan: 
It was cold...

Lady Liberty

 Walking through New York and through Grand Central Station:



 Times Square
Radio City Music Hall


Rockefeller Center

Pictures are not allowed on the NBC Studios Tour, so these are the only 2 we got.
Then, we went to the Top of the Rock.  It was beautiful to see everything from so far up.

Aaron is not fond of heights.  He was sitting on the bench because he got a little sick to his stomach.

 We got Leah her first American Girl and then we got Drew his first real set of Legos.

New York Public Library

We went to Wicked that night.


We went to the September 11 Memorial to pay our respects to all who died and been affected by this terrible tragedy.

White Roses are put on the names of people who comes to honor their loved ones.


This one made me very sad.  Look at the bottom name.  :(

Wall Street :)

 Trinity Church

New York Stock Exchange

 City Hall

New York State Supreme Court House

Chinatown and Little Italy.  We ate at this delicious restaurant called Parm.  Yummy!  I shopped and Aaron haggled with them to get the best price. :)

That night we went to see The San Francisco Ballet perform 
Cinderella at the Koch Theater in Lincoln Center.  


Found the Aggie Bar in New York.  It was fun to watch the game and talk to Aggie New Yorkers. :)

We went to the hotel and took a nap and watched tv.  Then, that night we walked through Times Square, went to Sarabeth's for dinner and then took a carriage ride through Central Park.  


I fed Little King a carrot when we were done.

Love!                                                                   We go the pleasure of seeing the Naked Cowboy!

We went to walk around Chelsea Market and while there ate at The Lobster Place.  So, we had to get the Lobster Roll and Lobster Bisque.  Yummy! 
 Then, we went to see the Lion King.  The costumes were absolutely breathtaking.  My favorite characters were the little elephant and Nala.

Before we went to dinner we went to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.  We happened to go in when two organists were playing.  It sounded so beautiful!  It didn't hurt that gorgeous stained glass lined the walls. :)   

 We met our friends, Chris and Jesse for dinner and played a game of Munchkin.  We had a great time!

 Lifelong friends! :)

We ate breakfast at our hotel and then took a cab to the airport.  

We had a great time!  It was wonderful to spend quality time together.  We are thankful our parents gave us the opportunity to do this.  We are blessed to have parents who love our kids and want to watch them so we can have time together.  Thank you Grams, Lovey, Pawpaw, and Pop Pops!
Yall are the BEST!

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