Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fun in November :)

Drew and Leah playing on my playground at my parents house that I use to play on.  Fun fun!

 Drew adores his Grams!

Kisses and love from her first love, Daddy!

Brushing Pawpaw's "hair"
 Sticker fun!
 They are definitely brother and sister. :)

 Fun at the park!

A&M vs. LSU- Baton Rouge, LA
We had fun hanging out with my cousin Jerod, but the game was a different story...

 Dancing with Jerod.  Ha ha!

 Grooving on stage with a couple Aggie fans. :)
Before the game.  We met up with Gabe Bock, our friend from CS.

This girl LOVES her baby!

 Pat pat
 Feeding her.

 Well Visits for these adorable kids!  75% for Drew and 65% for Leah in height.  50% for weight for both.
Praising the Lord for my healthy sweet kids!

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