Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Has Begun!!! :D (9 months and 2 and 3/4)

SUMMER HAS BEGUN AND WE ARE LOVING IT!  I made it through another school year.  That was year 5 of teaching for me.  But, now that count can stop and the stay at home mom count can begin!!!  Don't get me wrong, being at home is a lot of work, but I am so happy to be with my babies every day and support Aaron as he begins his career.  We have one more hurtle, the BAR!  I know Aaron will do great, but it is a 3 day test, which would be exhausting for anyone.  So, if you think about us, just pray that everything goes well with that.  It is at the end of July (during our 7th wedding anniversary, we will be celebrating double after he is done!)  :)

Leah is such a talkative girl, she babbles A LOT!  She say ya ya, da da, mmm, ga ga, ba ba and more!  She loves people and is so entertained by them.  She is extremely tactile, much more so than Drew.  She notices the tiniest things on the floor and analyses everything on a toy.  Andrew more looked at the entire toy and how it worked, but she looks at every detail.  I love seeing the differences in my two kids.  :)  She has learned how to sit up from a laying position, crawl backwards, and scoots forward.  I have a feeling she will be crawling full fledged any day!  She is already pulling herself to her knees, so who knows, we may have a walker soon after crawling.  She really likes anything that makes lots of noise...probably because she has an older brother who likes to make lots of noise.  She has taken to Drew and absolutely thinks he is hilarious and fun.  She will NOT take mistreatment though!  Anytime he takes and toy or plays too rough, she tells him about it by screaming.  It is a different kind of cry, a cry of injustice.  I already know the difference.  She is going to be a tough cookie, but I guess she doesn't have a choice. :)

Watch out boys, she has an older brother... :)

Andrew is potty training, which is going well.  We began a couple weeks ago and use a sticker chart as motivation.  He likes getting a sticker and putting it on his chart.  He still has accidents, but only about one a day.  I am hoping he will begin to tell me soon.  I think this will help with some of the accidents.

He is such a relational guy and holds his family and friends very close.  He LOVES his grandparents and asks for them daily.  I think he feels special when he is with him.  :)  He is also an encourager, he loves to tell others what a great job they did.  I love this about him and hope it continues.  He also loves tv!  I cant say I love this, but his favorite characters are Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Super Grover, The Count, Dora, and Boots.  I let him watch one show in the morning and one after sissy has gone to sleep (he gets some cuddle time alone with mommy and daddy which he loves).  Andrew is a kiddo who is observant is public and is not too keen on playing with others he doesn't already know.  He has always been this way, just like his daddy.  :)  Once he gets to know you and like you, he is very loyal.  Overall, he is such an awesome boy, with the occasional hitting and saying no.

A little funny story...
He was standing in front of the mirror in his underwear and told me he had a boo boo.  I asked him where it was and he pointed to his nipple.  This made me laugh out loud.  I didn't tell him the name yet because I don't want him going around saying nipple.  Ha Ha!

Handsome boy! :)

We love our babies and are so excited to watch them grow and learn!

Here are our babies with their grandparents...
Lovie and Pop Pops were here to visit from England.  It was so great to have them here.  We all miss them and can not wait to have them back home.

Here they are swimming with Grams and Pawpaw...


Pretty much the cutest kids around... :)

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