Friday, April 27, 2012

7 month Leah Bear and Drewber Smooch

Oh my goodness! What a busy time in our lives! We have been going here, and there, and everywhere! We would not change it for a second and thank God for everything He has given us. I hate that I grumble about my life sometimes because it could always be worse. I need to once again list everything the Lord has given me and remind myself how BLESSED I truly am.
 So, here goes:
-my handsome hubby
-my 2 healthy, happy (most of the time) babies
-my job
-Aaron's new job
-the opportunity to stay home next year! (This is I sooo excited about!)
-the blue whale (aka-my mother in laws van, that they have let us borrow for the year because they are in England)
-our house
-my wonderful parents, who will drop anything to help us and spend time with their grandbabies!
-my awesome in-laws, who love us and our children unconditionally and support us in anything we do (we have paid for a sitter once, this is how great my parents and Aaron's parents are)
-our community group, who has come together to support and pray for us in the past couple years and no matter what will help out one another
 -Dana and Trey Bowen, who are always there for us, in any and every circumstance
-Kim Probst and Jessica Wickersham-who have watched our children last minute because Aaron nor I could stay home
-my friends,who are there to always talk me through a situation or just listening ear
-manicures and pedicures
-date night with my hubby :)
-modern medicine
-food to eat
-a church that we love
I know there are more people and things that I havent listed..but this is a great reminder. :)

What is happening with our family...
-Any day, Baby Bowen is arriving (we want to know who this baby is!)
-Aaron graduates May 12th!
-Aaron starts new job on May 21st
-My last day of work is on June 1st
-June 2nd is my first day as a stay at home mom! (well, if you know me, I will be getting out often:)
-We welcome a new Lovelace baby(not ours, Jackson Paul, our nephew) early July
-Aaron takes the bar at the end of July
We have a lot going on!!!
We are so thankful for all of these changes and slightly nervous, but know everything will work out just fine! :)

What is happening with our babies... Drewber Smooch (this is a nickname that Aaron has given Andrew...he even calls himself that)
Things he is doing lately:
-having a conversation with us
-self entertaining
-being demanding and then asking nicely right after we correct him (2? I think so!)
-understanding that when people leave, they will come back
-singing, singing, singing! The amount of songs he knows is crazy and he sings in tune. Makes me proud. :D
-putting on his shoes, he gets really mad when he cant get them on correctly (2? I think so!)
-telling secrets: I tell him, "You're my favorite boy and I love you soooo much", he says, "can I tell you a secret?" and then whispers, "I love you soooo much"- we always have a moment of sweetness where we are both smiling really big, which I love
-he loves wrestling with daddy and knows this is a daddy only tradition

Leah Bear (this is her nickname for now :)
Things she is doing lately:
-eating veggies, fruit, and oatmeal cereal like a champ, you cant feed her fast enough!
-rolling from her back to stomach to grab a toy
-sitting completely by herself and reaching really far for toys
-grunting, grunting, grunting-she doesn't cry for the most part, just grunts (very lady like :)
-grabs anything and everything
-notices people, noises, and anything that changes in her environment
 -sleeping in her crib
-sleeping through the night for the past week- 7:30-6:30 or 7! :)
-wanting to be held, or played with, or entertained (i don't know who she gets this from) ;)

Aaron and I absolutely love being parents and are so thankful God has allowed us to have them! They enrich our lives, make us crazy (at times), and are answers to our prayers! I do pray they come to know Christ because I know that He gives me purpose, direction, comfort, peace, and forgiveness. I want this for them!

Here are some pics of our lives lately... :)

Fun with hats! :)

My hubby is a goober. :)

Fun day with friends at the Arboretum! :)

                                                                      Kisses for Sissy!

Reading before bed...the Bible is his favorite, as well as, Ten Apples Up on Top. :)
DJ Drew
 Hangin with my babies :)
 My son really loves his toys, even at nap time! :)

 Andrew and Buddy eating lunch and watching The Lion King. :)
 Sweetie Pie. :)

Lots of pictures!  I am so glad we get to chronicle our lives with pictures and blogs. :)

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  1. I love reading your blog!!! Thanks for sharing :) It looks like you've been quite busy and loving life lately! That makes me so happy for you!

    I'm also thrilled for you that you are staying at home next year! I know that when we come to visit, I'll have a go out buddy!