Sunday, October 17, 2010

Andrew's 1!

Just a year ago we were praying for your safe release from the Nicu. You fought so hard and we have been blessed beyond belief by your sweet life. In the past year, you have grown and learned so much! It has been pure joy seeing you meet every milestone with ease and build sweet relationships with me and your daddy. We love you so much and can not believe you will be walking soon, you are saying words, and figuring out toys all by yourself. We want to thank and give praise to our amazing God for staying with us through all of the trials and drawing us closer to Him. Now, we can look back and can see that the beginning of your life is only a small part of the amazing life to come. We love you and will pray for you always. The joy you have brought us is unsurpassed by anything else in our lives!
-Love, Daddy and Mommy

Here are some pictures and fun events we have had in the past month or so. :)

My boys on their actual birthday!

Andrew's first birthday!

Boating on Pawpaw's new toy! I even got in the water!

Listen to me say some words! I am all BOY!!!

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  1. I cannot believe he is already 1 and we have not even met him yet... WOW! He has grown up so fast! Congratulations! Hope you guys are doing great. We would love to get together soon. We live in Irving now. If you guys want to hook up give us a ring.