Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 and 11 months!

I CANNOT BELIEVE MONTHS 10 AND 11 HAVE FLOWN BY! Andrew, we are so blessed to have such a happy baby boy in our lives. We cherish the time we spend with you daily. Every day we become more and more attached to you and see what a miracle you are to be here on this earth and to be doing so well. Some of the things you are doing is: crawling like a mad man, pulling up on everything, walking along the couch and table, pulling yourself up on the futon and then standing up (you do this super fast too), saying ball, baba(bottle), and bog(dog). Some of the things you enjoy to do are: watching and petting the dogs while their outside or in their crate, throwing the ball and then crawling to get it, talking, clapping, slicking your tongue out (when we say, "wheres your tongue), and you love to get and give kisses. We love you sweet boy and cant imagine our lives without you. We pray that you come to know the Lord and lean on Him throughout your life.

Love, Mom and Dad

Now, onto things we have been doing in the past few months....

Having our picture taken (thanks Ashlee Dawn Photography!)

Drew got really cute A&M shoes from Pops and loves wearing maroon! The shoes say A&M on top and have a bugle imprinted on the bottom. He wore them and loved them. Thanks Pops!

A few things we all enjoy doing throughout the day...

-Hanging out in our PJs, loving on each other

-Playing silly games

And for the one Andrew will hate me for, he likes to watch the dogs play...naked... and then pee on the floor and couch (he was not diapered b/c he had a horrible diaper rash from having a virus. But, it led to a great picture. hehe. (Please excuse the dirty glass door, not worth cleaning b/c the dogs jump on it as soon as it is)

This is Drew being entertained by the dogs!! Too funny.

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