Friday, February 12, 2010

The Snow Family!

Aaron and I built our little family out of snow when I got home from work yesterday! It was so much fun! Dont worry, we put Drew in his little chair in front of the double doors out to the backyard. We could see him and he loved how bright it was. :) When we took him out in the snow, he didnt like the actual snow falling on his face. Too cute! This morning, Aaron and I went and had a snowball fight. We each had our own strategies of hitting the other. Aaron would make actual snowballs and I would just pick up lightly packed clumps. I think mine worked better because it would fall apart as soon as it hit him. Although, I fell and he got me really good. I am so glad to be home, hanging with the hubby and our sweet son! Here are pics of our creations.

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