Monday, November 26, 2012

Favorite Things and Lovelace Happenings! :)

Thanksgiving was filled with family and friends, which is the only way to spend it!  We did miss Aaron's parents, but maybe we will spend next Thanksgiving with them (fingers crossed :)  Any who, we hung out with my family, then the Morgan's (Aaron best friend's family), then Aaron's side, and lastly a group of friends.  It was so fun and one of our favorite parts was playing games with Jeremy and Ari.  (Aaron's brother and his wife)  We also got to hold and play with baby Jackson which is always fun!  Leah loved Jackson and gave him lots of hugs.  :)  We are absolutely amazed at the community of friends and family we have and are so thankful to God for placing each of them in our lives!

On a different note, November has been as busy as every other fall month (all four of our birthdays fall within 6 weeks of each other, so this will be a norm)  Aaron and I joke that we should have any future children in the fall, so we can throw our children one big party.  :)  

Leah and Jackson, so cute!  

Cousins!  We will look back at this and cherish every moment we spent together as a family...
Love them!                                                  


These are a few of our favorite things that we have been up to...

Aaron and I on a date for my birthday! :)  Thanks mom and dad for watching the kids overnight!  This is one of our favorite things, along with our 2 sweet blessings! :) 

Some of Drew's favorite things lately...

1. Guitar and anything musical                                               2. Hats
3. Hanging out with momma...

4. sleeping naked...                                   5. Bedtime and reading with dad (always his favorite) :)    

7. Getting his first trophy (or Sophie is what he calls it and then corrects himself)  We don't think soccer is his thing, but guess only time will tell. :)

 A few of Leah's favorite things...

1. Hanging outside with Bubba.                                                         2. Swinging

 3. Sliding                                                          4. Being with Pawpaw :)

 5. Watching Elmo with Bubba                                              6. Making kissy faces and loving
                                                                                              her night-night.

7. Dreaming of becoming a ballerina (Sous-sus) :)               8. Reading with Daddy                                        
9. Taking ornaments off of the tree (only half of them are on there and she has broken 2 already)

Here is a play by play of Leah instigating a wrestling match... too funny! :)

Come on!!!

    I'm still trying...
Got Em!                                                    Alright, you convinced me...


Let me show you how its done sis...
You bonked me...
Let me kiss it... :)  So adorable.
Now that was FUN! 

 Love our kiddos!!! :)

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  1. I love the play-by-play wrestling match!! LOL!! Love my precious grands!!!!