Monday, October 29, 2012

Life with a 1 and 3 year old! :)

Just had to start with this picture of the art Andrew decided to create...  

Here is the story...
I went to brush my hair for 2 seconds (so I would look somewhat decent when I went to the store) and this is what I came back to.  I heard Leah fussing a little, but thought nothing of it because she is just a talker.  I now realize she was upset because Andrew was coloring with a PERMANENT marker all over her head!!!  This picture doesn't do it justice.  She also had dots and lines on the back of her head (which were harder to get out).  I did get most of it off, with only a hew of the evidence. The lovely green marker was left out by my brother who was staying with us for a few days... Oh well, we laugh now and it will be yet another memory we cherish in the Lovelace House. :)

Lately, Drew and Leah have been so fun!  We love that Leah can climb like a champ and play at the park.  Drew and Leah both love to swing, climb, and slide.  They have really started playing with each other, which makes Aaron and I so happy.  They love to laugh and chase each other.
Our kiddos definitely take after Aaron and I's parents.  :)  Drew is in the 30% for height and 60% for weight.  He is stout. (or thick as his Lovie likes to say)  Leah on the other hand, is 75% in height and 70% for weight.  Both of them are healthy, which we are so thankful for.
Playing together...

These 2 are just plain CUTE!

Pop Pops came to visit! The laughter abounds. :)

Birthday Boys! :) 

Our sweets laughing. FYI- We were trying no underwear for Drew to help with potty training, so that is why he is undie-less. He regressed a little and was having more accidents than we wanted, so did it to help him and it definitely did.  :)

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