Friday, November 18, 2011

I just want to say, I love my family!!! Thanksgiving is around the corner and I am so thankful for all of our friends and family who love and support us! Aaron and I are so blessed with moms and dads who will come over last minute to babysit and spend time with our kids! We have never paid a babysitter, amazing!

Anywho, Andrew is such a sweet Big Brother! Anytime Leah is fussy, he is the first one by her side, putting her paci back in, getting her a bow (which he thinks she needs :), or blanket. Every time he does not know where sissy is, he asks, "Where did sissy go". He loves his sister and I pray he will look out for her like he already is! He melts our heart with how much compassion and love he is already showing her. He is a bit jealous, but it is more directed at Aaron and I.

More new things Drew has learned:
-he can sing many songs
-he can count to 14
-he knows his colors! (i didnt think he knew them, but tested him and he got them right!)
-asks to play with friends (specifically: Charlie, Shiloh, Levi, Bailey, Marley, Sedona, Rylie, and Luke) I love that he remembers his friends names! :)
-tells us what he wants to eat (his favorites are: bean burritos, ravioli, noodles, pears, carrots, and chicken sticks)
-can step up and down stairs, climbing to the top and slide down the slide all by himself
-makes friends at the park (he made a new friend Mary when we went to the park) He says, "come on guys, no running (i think he hears this at daycare)"
-he asks for help when he needs it
I am sure he is doing other things, but dont remember. (probably because I tired from getting up with little Leah)

Leah's new things...
-smiling more often
-rolling to her side
-holding her head up like a champ
-grabbing things (my hair, blankets, and her elephant)
-tracking us

We are so blessed with sweet children! I am so thankful for them! Here are a few pictures from our photo session and a few random snapshots.

My mom came over so we could go watch our friends play and they had a fun time takng pictures! So cute! :)

As my friend Susan says, "surrender to the sleep God"

Leah looks terrified... hilarious. If only see knew what is to come with an older brother. :)

A few from our newborn session... love my family!

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