Saturday, July 16, 2011

21 months and 10 weeks to go!

Andrew is absolutely the light of our lives! He makes us smile and laugh everyday. Aaron and I swap stories all day long of the new and funny things he does.

Story 1: We were driving in the car and I was saying, Leah and sister, just to get him use to the names. I asked him to say sister and he said, "cock a doodle doo" He thought I was saying rooster. So funny!

Story 2: We were walking through target and I sneezed and Drew said, God bless you mommy. Aaron and I looked at each other and just couldn't stop kissing him because he has such a sweet heart.

Everyday is a challenge teaching a toddler (can I get an amen from my friends who have kids) because you want to make sure what you are doing as a consequence, they understand. So our biggest trial at the moment is hitting. When he doesnt get his was, watch out, he will hit you. So, we tried spanking, but I have decided spanking for hitting just doesn't make sense. Why would I tell him no and then do the same thing back? Time out is what we are doing now and he does not like it. He is getting better, but I know it will take consistency and time. He always apologizes with, a sweet rub where he hit you, a hug, and saying, "sorry mama or sorry dada" I am glad he feels remorse, this does make me feel like he is "getting it" to a certain extent.

Aaron and I are really trying to soak up this sweet time before our family transitions to having Leah and going back to work and school. We know it will be challenging, but also realize there is light at the end of the tunnel and God won't give us anything we can't handle. But, if you don't hear from us after Leah is born, don't worry, we are just CRAZY busy. :)

As for my pregnancy...
I havent talked much about it, not sure why, but I feel God has really been close through the whole thing. With Drew, I really felt like he was MY baby and I wasn't going to let anything happen to him. Well, of course, God had a different plan. He was born 5 weeks early and had an 11 day stay in the Nicu. This was NOT suppose to happen! God really taught me to lean on him, trust, and BELIEVE that he has a perfect plan for our family. He changed me through having Drew, not just because I became a mommy, but because he taught me, that in any situation, I CAN trust Him! (this did not come quickly, but through a long process and I'm not done working on it and probably will never be) With this pregnancy, God has been constantly reminding me that I am not in control and that HE will knit Leah together as He sees fit. From first finding out I was pregnant, I leaned on him because of what He taught me with Drew. Don't get me wrong, I do have moments when I wonder if I will make it full term, but after I think about it, I realize, I can't do anything to stop it, so why worry? Leah has been growing and doing well and so have I! Thank you Lord! Prayers certainly don't hurt, so please pray that I do make it full term and Leah is healthy. Thanks!
Here is a picture to prove how we have been growing, not my momma, Leah and I. My mom always looks fabulous! :) We were in California celebrating my cousin Diana's wedding. What a beautiful day!

Summer fun... cheesing with mommy, mowing with daddy and blowing bubbles!

Here are a couple of videos... one is of Daddy and Andrew "jumping" and the other of Drew riding his four-wheeler all by himself- Thanks Great Pawpaw!

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