Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last night was a big deal! Our friends, Lindz and Brett came over and we took Andrew out in public for the first time! We were nervous, but he only got fussy a couple of times and was quickly soothed with a binky (sp?) or mommy talking to him. I know many of yall are thinking its crazy we havent taken him out, but anyone who has had a baby in the Nicu knows that they make you paranoid. :) We felt ok taking him out because he is getting stronger and weighs 8 pounds! He gained a pound in a week! That is a lot. :) Before we went to Roadhouse, Lindz and Brett got to hold him. So sweet. Brett was a trooper and held him when he was hungry. :)

We just can not get enough of our sweet Andrew! We had our own photo shoot. :) He gave us some really funny pictures.


  1. what a cutie pie!!!!! 8lbs!!! Awesome!

  2. Well - we are glad you took Andrew out!! Woohoo!! Love the funny faces pics!! Lindz looks like a natural . . .

    Love, Mom

  3. Hey - I can't believe you didn't call me to tell me Andrew weighs 8 pounds!! Yippee!!

  4. what a sweet baby!yay for taking him out!